Before I even put pen to paper, I think several steps ahead. What would be the content of this text, what do I want you to feel when reading it? The same thoughts are behind every single one of my images, every picture I take. What will be the content of the picture and what feeling do I wish to leave you with when looking at my images? I always wish to communicate emotions through my pictures, two consistent feelings are love and reality. Creating something new, yet timeless is my mission. I encourage more classic shapes and silhouettes, but apply something personal to everything I create. Above all, I wish to bring out laughter, kisses and create memories of today. 




Current VISION

It´s important to remember today, to take care of yourself and people around you. My daughter always tells me when entering a dark room - “Astrid can´t see anything, it´s dark. Turn on the lamp”.

And with my daughter as my inspiration, I introduce you to my vision of spring 2017 – turn on the lamp and welcome everything around you.